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Extemely short and simple answer: No, because for one thing, Cromwell eventually set himself up as dictator, the "Lord-Protector". The person(s) above goes into more detail, but that pretty much sums up why they wouldn't have a positive view of him.


No. On the one side, we have Hamilton denouncing Cromwell in the Federalist Papers No. 21: Without a guaranty the assistance to be derived from the Union in repelling those domestic dangers which may sometimes threaten the existence of the State constitutions, must be renounced. Usurpation may rear its crest in each State, and trample upon the ...


There are isolated instances of flag desecration in America's colonial and revolutionary past, but the perpetrators were not especially influential. From Robert Goldstein's "The Great 1989-1990 Flag Flap: An Historical, Political, and Legal Analysis", published in the University of Miami's Law Review, p. 37: Although a scattering of flag desecration ...


Yes, Puritans supported a state church. Participation in political life was dependent on one's religious background, as voting rights were restricted to members of the church. Note that "church membership" is even stricter than being a Puritan: one had to be a member of the "elect" who could testify to their personal experience of God. Furthermore, ...

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