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There is something to BrotherJack's answer but just considering it an “irrational” urge for greatness and prestige is a little short-sighted. A few other factors: France had a huge colonial empire, not only Indochina. Defending its claim to Indochina was also a way to show it did not intend to give up all this. It's still debatable whether colonies in ...


This question makes no sense until a "religion" is unambiguously defined. And this is difficult. Some definitions are so broad that according to these definitions, there is no irreligious society at all. For example a remarkable book by Vercor, Humans or animals? (one of the places where I have seen a general definition of religion) includes "burial of the ...


See Textes pour les cahiers du sud (1987) and Ecritures cathares (1968) by Rene Nelli. The most famous tract is the The Provencal Ritual of the Albigeois published in facsimile by Jean Cledat:


Its not France, but I imagine the situation would be similar to England. In the middle ages English families had a size of 5 on average, until the black death reduced it to 4 on average. Source

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