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Arguably all societies are formed around institutions. Fukuyama claims, and it seems reasonable, that religious institutions were the most effective institutions between the "tribal" organization and modern secular societies. @Alex is right that it is difficult to judge how much a given institution relies on mystical or preternatural support. American is ...


This question makes no sense until a "religion" is unambiguously defined. And this is difficult. Some definitions are so broad that according to these definitions, there is no irreligious society at all. For example a remarkable book by Vercor, Humans or animals? (one of the places where I have seen a general definition of religion) includes "burial of the ...


See Textes pour les cahiers du sud (1987) and Ecritures cathares (1968) by Rene Nelli. The most famous tract is the The Provencal Ritual of the Albigeois published in facsimile by Jean Cledat:


Its not France, but I imagine the situation would be similar to England. In the middle ages English families had a size of 5 on average, until the black death reduced it to 4 on average. Source


Drennon's answer is incorrect. Montalembert's writings had nothing to do with Tyrannicide. John Stuart Mill's reference is to two trials that took place back-to-back in England in 1858. Paraphrasing from the legal accounts: Queen versus Truelove. Indictment found at the Central Criminal Court and removed into the Court of Queen's Bench by certiorari, ...


because of what a horrible person it makes you look like when you come out and actually say it Well, you managed to do it with less than 2 lines (although perhaps not for the most honest of men). Regardless of the authenticity of the quote, I can see two interpretations: I am so skilled in twisting words that I can make even the most innocent phrase ...


The attribution may well be apocryphal. In the Wikipedia entry on Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu, the phrase is attributed to Richelieu himself, either in Mémoires or in Testament politique. However, I have been unable to find it in either of these texts (admittedly, just did a quick search). In the Bulletin du bibliophile, Volume 6 (1843), page 12, ...

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