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They got their weapons from the Hôtel national des Invalides, which were stormed by a Parisian mob earlier the same day. Much of the armaments previously stored there had been removed just two days earlier, but the revolutionaries still managed to acquire ~28,000-32,000 (sources vary) muskets hidden in the cellars and the church. They also found several ...


The Sans-Culottes were laborers and peasants and those aligned with them who were in opposition to the aristocracy. Their appellation comes from their distinctive outfit - long cotton pants commonly worn by laborers, as opposed to the knee-breeches (culottes) favored by the wealthy and hangers-on (to show off their expensive hosiery and shoes). In addition ...


I found a source trying to look up another question that I looked up that had the answer for this question. It is, that they refused to wear knee-pants. Only to farther prove this is because the source had all the other questions relevant answers on the worksheet.

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