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Definitely, Crimea (Chersonesos) or some place in its surrounding. Crimea's south coast was part of Roman Empire in 47 BC - 330 AD, and also a part of the Byzantine Empire later.


The town of Novigrad may be the most northern town of Greek origin. Reputedly it was originally founded by the Greeks as Neapolis (new city).


This Map of Greek Colonies in the Adriatic shows that the most northerly posts were Pharos and Issos halfway up the coast. These were secondary settlements from Syracuse and Ionian cities, though. If you eliminate those you are down in Albania.


We don't know how it was made because the formula for it has been lost. It was probably not even the same thing in every case, but instead a generic name for incendiary weapons. The real power of Greek Fire seems to be that the Byzantines delivered it in tube, like a flamethrower, rather than catapults.


From the "New Pauly", Brill 2015: Daktylos (162 words) Article Table of Contents [1] Measure of length [2] see Metrics (δάκτυλος; dáktylos). [1] Measure of length The daktylos, Latin digitus, as a measure, is the term for the fingers' width, with four dáktyloi constituting a palm (παλαιστή; palaistḗ, Latin palmus), 16 daktyloi a foot (πούς; poús, Latin ...


The daxtylos is based, like much of early Greek science, on Egyptian standards. A finger is the distance between the tip of index finger and the crease of the first joint. In most people, this distance is close to one inch. A palm is 4 fingers. A hand is 5 fingers. So, to answer your exact question: it is the index finger's first joint. You can find a ...


This is not exactly the answer in your question but in Greek the word assassin was not used as in western languages. So, although Ασασίνοι exists (it means Assassins of course) the word assassin meaning killer (with a specialized meaning) does not. There is not any exact corresponding word for Assassin in Greek. The most close word would be δολοφόνος ...

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