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From the "New Pauly", Brill 2015: Daktylos (162 words) Article Table of Contents [1] Measure of length [2] see Metrics (δάκτυλος; dáktylos). [1] Measure of length The daktylos, Latin digitus, as a measure, is the term for the fingers' width, with four dáktyloi constituting a palm (παλαιστή; palaistḗ, Latin palmus), 16 daktyloi a foot (πούς; poús, Latin ...


The daxtylos is based, like much of early Greek science, on Egyptian standards. A finger is the distance between the tip of index finger and the crease of the first joint. In most people, this distance is close to one inch. A palm is 4 fingers. A hand is 5 fingers. So, to answer your exact question: it is the index finger's first joint. You can find a ...

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