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If you are serious about learning the history of Christianity, you should be motivated to find more books period. A single book, especially one attempting to cover a massive subject like Christianity, cannot possibly suffice for anything beyond a cursory read. It will be "incomplete" regardless of how old or new it is, if only because you're fitting ...


Books on the history of Christianity are inevitably influenced by the author’s own religious prejudices. In my opinion the most objective books are those from the end of the 19th century by writers like Wellhausen (Old Testament) and Harnack (early Christianity). At least they treated the subject as a serious historical discipline.


Generally, I believe the best place to find old copies of city newspapers is in the archives of the city in question's Public Library. I know mine has every back issue of the two major local papers (at one time we had two) on microfiche, and perhaps in more modern forms now as well. So I'd think the best place to look would be the Richmond Public Library. ...


Romila Thapar in "Early India" (pp 48) does say that a Hindu Temple was converted to a Muslim Mosque at Ajmer. But her context is that Religious exchange and interchange cannot be simply explained either by tolerance or bigotry. She also refers to Buddhist "chaityas" being converted to Hindu temples. Note however, there is no direct reference to the Chisti ...

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