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I think he was only partially right and this is because the units transferred were SS units. In the east, the SS fought both its racial and ideological enemies (the Bolshevik Jewry; which was mostly propaganda, but people believed it). There it was in its element, both as regards the savagery of fighting and the atrocities inflicted on the civilian ...


Hitler did not want a Munich Conference in 1938 or 1939. He wanted to attack Czechoslovakia and Poland on his own terms, and retain the ability to attack France at his leisure. His cold feet were about starting a major war, and mainly related to whether the German people were behind him on it. For example, he was resolved to attack Prague in 1938. Goebbels ...


Sir Ian Kershaw, writing in BBC History magazine this month, comments that we have so little evidence on Hitler, that we will never know when he developed his anti-semitic predilections.

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