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Germany under Nazi leadership was a revisionist state which rejected the status quo. Hitler was prepared to use violence to get what he wanted. Arguably WWII started earlier than Germany had planned, but there is no doubt that Hitler did plan to start a war. Some people blame the Treaty of Versailles for the war. This misses the point that Nazis used ...


The war started with the invasion of Poland. Hitler started the invasion, so he started the war.


One reason why Hitler did not become an Austrian nationalist was because it was impossible at that time. When Hitler was a child and a young adult deciding his world views, there was no Austrian nation, but an Austrian Empire containing citizens of many nationalities. So Hitler could have become an Austrian Imperialist as he was more or less taught in ...


My take is that it's a casual, and perhaps older version of the Nazi salute. Hitler talks about the origin of the salute, which he refers to as the "German Salute", which is recorded in Hitler's Table Talk, a collection of notes on his monologues, which is freely available online. The military salute is not a fortunate gesture. I imposed the German ...


This is explained in the Wikipedia article. In summary, the Nazi salute by anyone but Hitler symbolized their offering of their loyalty to Hitler. Hitler's salute symbolized his acceptance of that loyalty.

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