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Historians have ignored the invasion of Iceland as it played an insignificant role in the war and was a temporary tactical decision: Not a land-grab. Iceland was content to allow British occupation with the stated condition that Britain would withdraw their troops at the end of the war and not interfere with Icelandic government. Britain ended up ...


I have looked through the German Propaganda Archive and haven't found any references to the British occupation of Iceland in 1940. So I would hesitantly guess that if the occupation was used by German propagandists, it was not used widely.


Also, Denmark had sovereignity over Iceland, and Denmark's status was questioned. They didn't resist the German invasion, so for some time the Brits didn't know whether to treat Denmark as an invaded Ally or as an enemy. If Denmark was an enemy, the occupation of Iceland was quite legal.


Norway shares the so-called "Scandinavian" peninsula with Sweden, and the two are contiguous. Therefore, the latter country was eager to make sure that it was in "friendly" hands. Apart from that, Sweden had an "eastern" (e.g. Baltic), facing strategy, unlike Denmark, which was more west-facing. As such, Iceland (and Greenland) to the west were not of ...


It looks like he did spend those years in Iceland. There are a few pages discussing his time there from 1515 in volume 3 of Historisk arkiv (Gbooks), p403-406 De tre nordiske rigers historie under Hans by Carl Ferdinand Allen (Gbooks) pages 143-144 suggests that he did spend time there (without much detail about his stay). The phrasing of a sentence in ...


The Invasion of Iceland was of a character wholly different than the German annexations and invasions of 1938-1940 and it has been justifiably left in the dustbin of history. The "invasion" was by 700 ill-equipped, ill-prepared, and very seasick British marines who walked off the ship, onto a dock and talked to the police officers waiting for them. The ...

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