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I'll just try to put some further tidbits into the three questions. "Lenins Rückkehr nach Russland 1917: Die deutschen Akten" has from Page 39 on a telegram conversation between the German ambassador in Bern von Romberg and the Auswärtige Amt (Foreign Bureau). It starts with von Romberg 7th September 1914: Russian, who seems to have contact with ...


I do not question the veracity of Ihtwot's contribution, but I wonder if anyone has actually investigated this question from a disinterested perspective (I mean: not someone like Pipes). Soviet historians always staunchly rejected the story of the "sealed railway carriage" carrying Lenin and his friends across Germany. But of course, they would.


A Russian revolution caused by the Bolsheviks was most definitely the goal of the Germans when they allowed Lenin to pass through their lands. Germany wished to undermine, or end, the Russian war effort and sending Lenin back was done for that purpose. If true, who came up with the idea and was there any consideration that a communist Russia could ...

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