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Any present-tense questions you have probably should be asked on the linguistic stack. I can tell you that historically the language was not written, and according to Wikipedia most speakers even today don't read and write in that language, due to the paucity of written works. So any written form you come across is probably used almost entirely by ...


I would suggest that he was not chosen, not due to his status, but due to the politics favoring Atahualpa. The link you provided on the princess/consort Paccha Duchicela states: Her rights to the throne of Quito was thereby transferred to the royal Inca dynasty By selecting Atahualpa as heir, the Quito territory was added to the empire much like any ...


The reason is the same for which the Bronze Age existed in Europe and elsewhere. People knew how to make copper and bronze but did not know how to make iron. So there is nothing special about Americans in general and Peruvians in particular. They just did not discover the process. But I suppose they knew about meteoric iron.


Iron is not "mined" in its native form. The ores of iron, such as hematite, are oxides which are plentiful and can even be collected right off the surface of the earth with no mining involved at all. I myself have collected hematite and magnetite from stream beds right near where I live. The difficulty in making iron is that it must be reduced from its ...

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