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Neither of them were really part of India to begin with. Sri Lanka was formerly the British Crown Colony of Ceylon, which grew out of an earlier Dutch colony. In 1795, during the Napoleonic Wars, Britain took over control of Sri Lanka's coastlines from the Dutch Republic. The British East India Company was entrusted to administer the area, but it was ...


Defeating Parvateshwar (Porus) had been a very difficult task. Moreover Sage Dandyayan had told him that it is impossible to win over this country. When asked, Maharaj Parvateshwar told him to behave with him as a king. So he left him.


India get the Independence on 15th August 1947 at 12:17 am the perfect time when the India get the Independence


Muhammad Ali Jinnah was never Islamic extremist. He was in political exile for many years. But when he returned, he got leadership of Indian Muslims and when he got a chance to became Prime Minister, a fight started between Nehru and Jinnah. Gandhi had told Nehru, let us make Jinnah PM for few days (he was seriously ill and died few months after partition). ...


You have the right idea, but it is a little off base. I can explain. You probably already know about Alexander the Great and his conquests. Throughout the Afro-Eurasian continent, Alexander set up garrisons, or small military towns, to rule over a certain area and claim it for Macedonia. The soldiers in these areas set up their own societies, with Greek ...


Indian WWI-recruitment poster was very peculiar. Material benefits, instead of patriotism, were employed to encourage recruitment. Indian recruitment poster. Urdu translation reads: 'Who will take this uniform, money and rifle? The one who will join the army. Source: Imperial war museum.

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