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If you do a quick Google search on those two names, you get directed to and can quickly find that Yusef Ben Ali (later York) was from Mali, and Bampett Mohammed was from Turkey. And in fact, Bampett Muhammed was born Joseph Benhaley. And Youssef Ben Ali went by Joseph, probably because Americans had problems with pronunciation. Peter Salem was ...


Power spreads easily.they were powerfull in those days.they were boosted by their faith and high morale.there was also a rape case and the wealth of they struck iberia hard.


A few more answers: Backgammon is a very old Iranian game and is commonly played throughout Iran. Norooz, or the celebration of the new year is pre Islamic and is celebrated throughout Iran by all Iranians. It carries with it the haft-seen, a ceremonial spread to celebrate the new year. Iranian months have old Iranian names that hearken back to old ...


you might read from and the reference

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