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Long lasted wars between Sassanians and Byzantine empire had made cripple armed forces of both of them and made their borders vulnerable. Lakhmids were acting as a buffer state between nomad Arabs and Sassanians. but Khosrow II made them into neutral force practically. the practice made Iran's southern border more vulnerable even more. Kavadh II massacred ...


Bonaparte had an interesting approach to Islam. It should be kept in mind that at the time he was Bonaparte - not yet Napoléon- he was in Egypt and he had to deal with and try have muslims on his side. Indeed he urged the local authorities to continue their celebrations, including the celebration of Imam Hussein, urged the troops to not intervene and paid a ...


Zoroastrianism had the concept of good-evil dualism with a Satan-like opposite of God (Ahriman) and hell/heaven concept where the souls of good people / bad people go accordingly. Jewish mysticism was most probably influenced by Zoroastrianism, and Christianity and Islam got it from the Jewish mysticism.

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