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In Babylonia there was a short lived parthian client state run by two Jewish bandit brothers.


The Khazars in what is now Southern Russia and Ukraine converted to Judaism in the 8th century.


The Himyarite Kingdom in Yemen, which was ruled by a converted tribal warlord as a Jewish state in for a brief period in the early 6th century. According to oral tradition, the Kingdom of Semien in Ethiopia was ruled by a Jewish dynasty that claimed descent from the high priests of David and Solomon. Its golden age was 400 years from around 850-1270 AD, ...


Much of America was founded on the principle of religious freedom. That is, Puritans in New England, Dutch Reformers in New York, Quakers in Pennsylvania, Catholics in Maryland, etc.(among others in the original "13 Colonies.") This ethos carried over into "America" after independence. Jews found the principle of religious freedom more attractive than many ...


Jews dreamt about coming to America, the land of opportunities, for many years. What held them back was the religious leaders who saw America as a place where people lost their religion. Stay in Europe, and stay religious. After the holocaust, this was not a viable argument. So the eyes of many Jews turned to the golden country. Nowhere else was there such a ...


Geography has a large part to do with it. America has a large population of Dutch, German, and Polish descent - areas with significant Jewish communities (at least before the Holocaust). Many would have boarded ships in Baltic/North Atlantic ports. From there, America is a closer destination by sea than say, Australia. In contrast, Italian, Greek and ...


The answer is simple - the US population is not primarily British in descent. The states have had large numbers of immigrants from all over Europe. Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have a much higher proportion of the population directly descended from British settlers, there was very little Eastern European movement to British colonies as they were just ...

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