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It probably depends on where. One important social meeting place at which news would be exchanged was actually coffeehouses. This holds true for the Ottoman Empire, which originally popularised the drinking of coffee after the taking of Yemen. From there it spread to Europe, where coffeehouses also became an important focal point for the transmission of ...


I imagine the town crier would have been an important source of news prior to mass-literacy.


I found a few notes here as to what happened with the paper in this article on the New York World. In the 20 years since the sons took over, the paper seemed to have a slow decline, part of this may be due to the editorial content, but also by the slow decline in columnists. These were a huge draw for newspapers at the time, the Journal had Nellie Bly who ...


One must also mention the pamphlet, which was mighty popular back then. Here is what the Britannica has to say about the 16th century: Pamphlets were among the first printed materials, and they were widely used in England, France, and Germany. The first great age of pamphleteering was inspired by the religious controversies of the early 16th ...

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