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1959, by a Belgian missionary named Ji Junghwan, who helped started domestic Korean cheese production at Imsil County. Cheese was introduced to South Korea in 1959 by a Belgian missionary, who came to Jeollabuk-do to help people surviving the Korean War. Lee, Cecilia Hae-Jin. "Keolla Do" Frommer's South Korea. 2nd ed. Vol. 775. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, ...


In terms of recorded history, the earliest contact that I know was in 50 B.C., when a Japanese army supposedly aborted its invasion upon hearing of the Silla king's greatness. Make of its credibility what you will... 《三國史記·新羅本紀》八年,倭人行兵,欲犯邊,聞始祖有神德,乃還。 This is recorded in the History of the Three Kingdoms, written in A.D. 1145. The same document reports ...


Hideyoshi's reasons were not singular. A number of factors motivated his invasion of Korea. Although speculative hypothesis regarding his mental state is popular, domestic pressure for expansion coupled with seemingly-promising opportunities sufficiently explains the decision. TL;DR: Hideyoshi needed land and to keep his soldiers occupied. Korea was an easy ...


A few days ago I read a very long article about modernization of Korea, but it is in Portuguese. A summary: The Japanese occupation not played a significant role. Most of Japanese industries was in the north and Korea was always a annex, supping goods for Japan, so not have complete productive chains. Korea received a lot of free money from USA because of ...


Hideyoshi's predecessor, Oda Nobunaga, ruled mainly through fear and intimidation. Hideyoshi had a more benign approach. When conquering Shikoku and Kyushsu he let the local daimyo keep their holding provided they swore him loyalty. Hence, there were no spoils of war to divide among his retainers to the same extent that Nobunaga was able to. Megalomania is ...


Japan has spent over a century in constant fighting when Hideyoshi unified the country. Typically Japanese conquerors take land from the defeated and reward their own followers. But with all of Japan conquered, there wasn't any new land to give away. Conquering Korea solves both problems. Unfortunately for Hideyoshi, the invasion failed.


He stayed out because he was saving his strength for taking over Japan. Right after the Korean war finished he staged a coup and took control from Hideyoshi's government. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Sekigahara

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