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If someone's willing to know how South Korea was developed, then the person must look for the remarkable achievements by President Park Chung-Hee (14 November 1917 – 26 October 1979), the 3rd President of South Korea [1]. Though it'll be a book length answer to give a full answer to the question. I'll try to write down some about Korean history in the ...


This Wikipedia article is so quite enough. You should have researched more. An excerpt: By creating favorable policy directive for economic development as preceded by Japanese economic recovery as the logistic supplying bastion for American troops in the Korean peninsula during and after the Korean War, South Korea's rigorous education system and the ...


It is always difficult to answer the question "why"? It is a combination of many reasons. Perhaps some reasons can be unveiled by comparison. It seems that "good government" is very important for prosperity of a nation. Compare S Korea with N Korea: same people by the way. I do not know the whole history of Korea very well, but I suppose there was no ...


Their children study 16 hour days and their workers average 2,163 hours per year. With regards to the steep increase they are very capitalist which is China's downfall.

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