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The emperors have often spoken many languages and Hungarian was an important one so one may find numerous Habsburg rulers who spoke Hungarian, too. For example, Maximillian II fluently spoke Spanish, French, Latin, Hungarian, and Italian. Maria Theresa spoke German, Italian, French, Spanish, Latin, Czech and she added Hungarian before she became the ...


Greek states were very much culturally superior to Rome at the time of conquest. This was recognized even by the Romans themselves. A well-educated Roman had to read and speak Greek. There was absolutely no reasons to introduce Latin in the Greek states. All science, philosophy and much of the literature in the Roman empire was written in Greek.


Suspect it was because Greek already had well established literacy whereas other regions you name were much less literate. The Latin alphabet was based on the Etruscan alphabet which was in turn based on the Greek alphabet. If you were going to rule the Greeks you were going to have to do it in Greek. To those areas other areas on you name Romanization ...


The old Greek empire, meaning the empire of the Macedonians, the empire created by Alexander spoke Greek widely and had many Greek colonies. The entire city of Alexandria, which was founded by Alexander and became the center of learning in the Western world for 500 years was entirely composed of Greeks and Greek-speaking people. The political control of Rome ...


The Romanians are Romans from South of Danube


How Romans are Romanians? Very Romans. The Romanians were known in the past as: VALACHUS (By the Catholic West) FLACI(By catholic West) IFLAK (By the Turks) VLASI & VOLOH (By the Slavs) OLAH &BLACH (By the Hungarians) OLAHOK (By the Hungarians) OLASZOK (The Hungarian name for the Italians) WALACH (By the Germans) WALSCHER (The German name for the ...

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