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You are interested in the largely US Operation Odyssey Dawn. This contains the disposition of US forces and the role of United States Africa Command (AFRICOM). It also contains a summary of action taken by US forces, from bombing and ship-to-shore engagements on the 19th March to naval engagements on the 29th March, including a marine ground incursion to ...


Gaddafi spent Libyas oil millions on his own image, self importance, family and military whilst his population were suppressed, imprisoned, tortured and left to starve. I don't think the West's view of Gaddafi is distorted at all. Whether it was right for the West to interfere in a country that was not their concern is a different issue and question.


I think in Russia we had little knowledge about Libya and Gaddafi before this war. Some people remember that he was a Soviet ally in 1970s and also that he was accused in supporting terrorism. Our impression of him as a dictator stems mostly from his pompous uniform which is stereotypical for dictators (i.e. some guy in a gold-knitted uniform->he is, ...

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