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The association with the 4th of July is relatively recent, starting in 1974 when the Boston Pops played it for a televised celebration of American Independence. The factor that cemented the work's association with Independence Day was its programming by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops for their televised July 4th concert in 1974, replete with ...


This modern tradition has its roots in the First World War, when Japan entered on the side of the Allies following the Anglo-Japanese Alliance. Japan's entry carried an initial, overt goal of restoring the German Kiautschou Bay Concession to Chinese sovereignty. The Siege of Tsingtao, the administrative centre of the German concession, ended in the ...


The Sāmā Veda , one of the four Vedas, is the Veda of music. All its verses can be performed, and were intended to be performed during ritual sacrifice. The sanskrit word sāmān translates to melody , and Veda is derived from the root vid -knowledge. While its earliest parts are believed to date from as early as 1700 BCE (the Rigvedic period), the ...


You want the oldest piece of lyrics that could be composed to sound so divine even after 2500 years? Why don't you listen to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgqMXMyKW6M&index=20&list=PLzcXI5_CGU0Kr5_S7JSW7nlbH21fIYHRh

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