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I think that another explanation is also possible. We can safely assume, I think, that Napoleon was burning with ambition to achieve fame and power from an early age. But in 1785 under the ancien regime a young officer from a minor nolbe family hailing from a recently-annexed backwater province could hardly expect much in the line of fame an power in ...


The short answer to your question is that for much of his early life Napoleon was a Corsican patriot but only a French opportunist. He inherited from his father a fierce love of both Corsica and Pasquale Paoli, and did not consider himself French nor was he particularly loyal to France outside of the fact that it gave him an opportunity to move up in life. ...


The attribution certainly predates Lenin. A Google Book search indicates that it was well-established by at least 1890: "Wenn Napoleon sagte: »on s'engage et puis on voit!« so bezeichnet er damit nur das Verfahren aller selbstständigeren Heerund Trnppenführer." [Monatshefte für Politik und Wehrmacht, p.284, 1889] "Le mot de Napoléon : « On s'engage ...


Napolean's height, measured after his death, was 5 feet, 6 inches and 22/45ths of an inch. (The Table Talk and Opinions of Napoleon Buonaparte, 1870). Napolean, nicknamed in France as the "Little Corporal", was routinely caricatured by British cartoonists as short: Years later, Hitler got the same treatment.

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