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Before germ theory, there were similar concepts of infectious disease- bad humors, bad air, etc. Miasma theory held that decaying organic matter transmitted infectious fumes to other organic matter. Girolamo Fracastoro went further and developed a proto-germ theory in the 1500s. So people got the idea.


Tough question to answer with any specificity. The Plains "Indians" were quite adaptable to the sudden appearance of Western Civilization...remarkably so actually. As well the Northeastern native language populations became well known for their hard bargaining in anything concerning money contrary to a lot of initial mythologizing. Haggling was still used ...


I personally don't like this question because it gives credence to racial theories. Scientifically speaking, there is more variation from individual to individual than there is between peoples of different ethnic backgrounds. Anyway, addressing your question: One theory I've heard is that King Phillip's war was the cause. The idea behind this theory is ...

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