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Under the banner of NATO, not that I'm aware of. However the forces of NATO nations under UN command have fought directly against Russian forces in the Korean War - specifically pilots flying MiG-15's against mostly American air forces. There have also been a number of incidents similar to today's shooting down of a Russian aircraft: see here for details ...


Short Answer: Pragmatism. Long Answer: Looking at the history, there does not appear to have been much resistance to the US "running the show." This is probably due to the fact that the US, UK, and Canada were the initial parties pushing for something like NATO. This desire was intensified by the Berlin Blockade. Not to mention the fact that at the time of ...


If simple shooting down of a plane counts, then one thing that immediately springs to mind is the shooting down of the U-2 spy plane over Russian territory in 1960. The main point of difference is that the pilot in that incident was not part of the US military, and it was not an operation for a military service. Considering that he was former military, and ...


The Incident at Pristina Airport, 12 June 1999, following the war in Kosovo, was a direct stand-off between NATO and the Russian Federation. Despite a desire (and order) for engaging in combat by SACEUR Wesley Clark,the incident passed without bloodshed allegedly after some strategic insubordination by now-crooner James Blunt.

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