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The Natives of the Americas advanced their civilizations well enough for the situation they were in. They developed from common stone-age tech level and had agriculture, cities, stone building and pyramid like structures. They developed societies that were comparable to those in remote parts of Europe in the age of the Pyramids, or better, by say 1200 AD. ...


This is mainly because the southern Native Americans had a reliable source of food (corn). The northern ones had to hunt and collect their food and didn't advance to farming that they could survive in one place, probably because they didn't have something with the right potential. Christopher Lloyd explains it all in his book "Alles in der Welt", English: ...


This famous photo is known to have been to been taken on VE Day in New York. Note the man in the rear in the identical sailor uniform, and the kisser is in a dark version of the same.


Looks not unreasonable to me. Superficially, that looks like the US Naval Uniform, Summer white, enlisted. I did a google search on that term. I'll admit that I was disappointed by the amount of noise in the results, but I found the following examples that are similar to the pictures you've cited. Example 1 Example 2: See #3 Example 3 - I was ...

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