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Economic impact is quite a hard quantity to measure chiefly because the impact can last over a very long period and be observed in many indirect forms. Immediate cost or balance sheet overview The immediate cost or a balance sheet overview can be simply compiled by counting the investment made in stadia, athlete accommodation, security arrangements, and ...


My answer is that this is just a dramatization with little to no research done by the producing team. The tradition of playing the winning team's national anthem was not begun until the 1932 Olympics (a common misconception is that the tradition started at the 1924 Olympics). So, in other words, it is impossible that the Star Spangled Banner was played at ...


Art competitions at the Olympics were always controversial, largely because of the professional standing of many of the participants, when the Olympics was supposed to be all amateur. Music was not the only discipline in which only some - or no - medals were awarded see:- http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_competitions_at_the_Olympic_Games


Here's a link to 36 USC Section 301, regarding the national anthem: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/36/301 There are a number of references in the code about the "military salute." It seems like the Star Spangled Banner was chosen for its "martialness." The Olympics probably weren't a factor. The song was adopted by an act of Congress in 1931, a ...

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