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According to this page which cites "Steckel, Richard H. and Roderick Floud (eds.)Health and Welfare during Industrialization Chicago : University of Chicago, 1997" as a source, the average height of a Frenchman between 1800 and 1820 was 164.1 cm. According to the French historian, Marcel Dunan (1963): "If one refers to the Memoirs of Marchand, t. II, ...


Three of the seventeen children died before they were baptized, so they don't even have names. For this reason, the church records list only fourteen children. In total, eight of his siblings died in infancy. Maria died when she was 15, Appolinaria died at the age of 26, and Elizaveta at the age of 29. Only four lived until 70.


Long story short, yes, he did. He was for a brief time military counsellor for the sultan of Ternate (around 1512). Ternate lies on longitude 127 East.


In 17th century France, the top of the judiciary hierarchy is the King, who is an absolute monarch. Therefore, only a direct order from the King himself would be "legally" allowed to bypass laws and judges; it is called a lettre de cachet. We can see, for instance, Louis XIV issuing a bunch of them during the affaire des poisons (1677 to 1682) as an attempt ...

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