This tag is related to country of Poland, which was an important Eastern-European kingdom between XI and the end of XVIII century. Later, for 123 years, Poland was partitioned between other countries. In 1918 it became a democratic republic, which after World War II became part of Warsaw Pact. In 2001, Poland joined European Union.

Examples of topics related to Poland (through centuries):

10th: baptism of Poland, Piast dynasty

11th: Bolesław Chrobry, Boleslaw the Bold

12th: feudal fragmentation

13th: Teutonic Knights, Royal town of Kraków

14th: Casimir the Great, Jagiellonian University, Polish nobility, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Władysław Jogaila

15th: Jagiellonian dynasty, Battle of Grunwald, Renaissance in Poland, Battle of Varna

16th: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Stephen Báthory, Nicolaus Copernicus, Warsaw

17th: Vasa dynasty, Polish-Muscovite War, Battle of Vienna, Khmelnytsky Uprising

18th: Wettin dynasty, Enlightenment in Poland, Partitions of Poland, May Constitution, Tadeusz Kościuszko, Kościuszko Uprising

19th: Duchy of Warsaw (Napoleon Wars), Józef Poniatowski, Congress Poland (Congress of Vienna)>, Great Emigration, November Uprising, Spring of Nations, January Uprising

20th: Józef Piłsudski, Second Polish Republic, Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Invasion of Poland, resistance movements in Poland, Polish contribution to World War II, Auschwitz, Warsaw Uprising, Solidarity, John Paul II

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