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I have data for 1939 at hand: bread 30 groszy/kilogram (kilogram = one standard loaf) milk 26 groszy/liter pork 1,50 zł/kilogram The monthly wage for skilled industry worker was 95 złotych (1 złoty = 100 groszy). The wage varied considerably through 1930s due to some deflation. The purchasing power steadily rose, if 1928 is taken as 100, in 1938 it ...


This might help you get a basic understanding of how much stuff cost back then. Thank you http://www.polishsite.us/index.php/history-and-people/modern-history/458-reflections-from-the-great-depression-in-poland-1930-1936.html Current economic crisis encourages us to reflect on economic depression of the 30s. In Poland the economic crisis started slightly ...


Polish hussars are not the same as Russian hussars, entirely! Polish winged hussars are a kind of (super)heavy cavalry, while Russian hussars and hussars in other countries (Hungary, Germany etc) are a kind of lignt cavalry. So your premise is wrong.


Yes, in a larger and important sense, the economics prove more controlling in conjunction to the prevailing personalities of that time. Legally the western allies should have declared war on the 18th September against the Soviet Union. However, those "quiet forces" rationalized different. Perhaps, more contemporary understanding of just how much human ...

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