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The surname 'Hood' implied where the individual was from. For all purposes, there were many people with the last name. The name Robin Hood is accounted as not an uncommon name in the middle ages. There is a corpus of evidence that there were outlaw stories circulating about a Robin Hood during the reign of King John. However, there are cases of multiple ...


Robin Hood is an English folk hero and not based in fact. Robin and his fellows were a popular subject in early printed texts, with their low price and wide appeal, and it is in the early days of printing that he finally comes into his own as a literary figure. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, antiquarians were especially invested in ...


Here's what evidence they had: The word "Croatan" carved into a post of the fort The word "Cro" carved into a nearby tree All the houses and fortifications had been dismantled (They weren't destroyed) They didn't carve a Maltese Cross into any tree (John white instructed them to do so, if they were forced to move) Because there was no cross, John White ...


A good source on the historical Robin Hood is Holt's Robin Hood. In there, you will learn that there was no single one Robin Hood but a corpus of ballads and stories that may have some basis in reality.


Yes. It is true that John Chapman existed, and it is also true that he became known as "Johnny Appleseed". I can't vouch for every word in his Wikipedia biography, but I don't see anything clearly outlandishly wrong in there.

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