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How many stones high are the pyramids of Giza? Which pyramid at Giza? They're all different. The simple answer is Cheops is now 201 and was originally about 210, but it doesn't mean what you think it means. The layer heights were not consistent, their heights were not precise, the slopes of different pyramids were not consistent, and what we see ...


One documented example of this practice can be found very early in the history of Egypt, in the burials of Hierakonpolis Although all the satellite tombs have been heavily plundered and less than half the complex has been explored, enough remains of their contents to suggest that there was nothing arbitrary about their layout or their occupants. Near the ...


The three great pyramids of Giza are not in a straight line. The two largest pyramids are arranged Northeast-Southwest of one another. The 225-degree line of bearing through Giza (NE-SW) does not even pass through South America at all, much less through Peru. The yellow line below is this bearing:


Mark Lehner talks about this a bit in The Complete Pyramids, he mentions that they are oriented to Orion. (cf. Bauval R.G., 'A master-plan of the three pyramids of Giza Plateau based on the configuration of the three stars of the belt of Orion', Discussions in Egyptology 13 (1989), 7-18) His bibliography is very useful. "The 'air shafts' extend like ...

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