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Certainly. In fact there was even a whole series of Sacred Wars. More specifically, the First Sacred War was fought by the Amphictyonic League against the city of Cirrha over the latter's mistreatment of religious pilgrims to Delphi. Delphi derived religious significance from its Temple of Apollo, which housed the famous Pythia - the Oracle of Delphi. The ...


No. Burning of temples is pretty much "sticking it to their gods," and avenging it is "sticking it to theirs." The idea of sacrificing one's life for one's faith was originally a Hebrew thing, later picked up by Christians, and later still by Muslims. Judeo-Roman wars weren't strictly religious wars: Rome disputed, not the Jews' right to worship God, but ...


After Muhammad conquered the entire Arabian Peninsula in the 1st Jihad converting it to Islamic rule, four Califs took up the sword of Islam, after Muhammad's death in 632 AD, to proliferate the revelations of Muhammad's Quran throughout the world. Particularly Calif Omar who began referring to himself as "Commander of The Faithful, who conquered vast ...


There's a talisman that's supposed to be used to help with cunning ability (a very Loki trait if I say so myself) I can remember the name of the talisman, but it's two snakes intertwined. Ururs? I can't remember. I use it to represnt Loki when I need to summon up my cunning


All proof is non-religious, more or less by definition. Faith does not require proof. As for the empirical evidence of the Ark's existence, no, nothing's been found to satisfy a sufficient number of historians, archeologists, theologists, etc. to be declared official.

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