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...military standards with pagan imagery on them... That kind of imagery is violating the Jewish / Christian first commandment, something that their god did not look kindly upon (you might remember that episode with the golden calf). ...would the Jews and Christians also view them as rival Gods? I do not think it has much to do with "rivalry". For ...


I'll try with an answer as well, trying to be Solomonic between @Tyler Durden and @fdb. TL;DR: Yes, it's a coincidence. As @Peter Diehr lists from Behind the Name entry for Diokles the meaning is given as Given Name DIOKLES GENDER: Masculine USAGE: Ancient Greek OTHER SCRIPTS: Διοκλης (Ancient Greek) Meaning & History Means ...


It is a Latin derivative of the Greek name Dioklēs, which is from dio- (the compositional stem of the divine name Zeus), plus –klēs (“fame”). So it means “with fame from Zeus”. It has nothing to do with di- “two”. Reference: Beekes, Etymological dictionary of Greek.


The deceased emperors were not proclaimed gods (divus), they were proclaimed god-like (divinus). The temples erected after their deaths or during their lifes were dedicated to the emperor's genius (something like guardian angel). It was believed that all people had such geniuses that protected them. If somebody refused to venerate the emperor's genius, he ...

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