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First of all, at the time Sallust had written his book, Fulvia Bambula was a quite famous person. I believe, it would be strange if he would have said "Fulvia" yet had omitted "Bambula". Moreover, his words give the impression that she had no personal political value (cf. his passage about Sempronia Tuditania), and yet had much financial difficulties: ...


Quaestors had neither lictors nor fasces. Originally quaestors, as the name shows, were a kind of "investigators". But the right to fasces signified a right of deciding life and death, which was only appliable to praetors (i.e. "judges") and higher magistrates, i.e. consuls and dictators. Also, on the matter of lictors, we perfectly know that even aediles ...


They did not appoint him sole consul. They offered him for election to the assembly. They appointed an interrex who then selected Pompey and put him forward as the sole candidate. The assembly therefore had the option of either rejecting him or electing just him.

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