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The territory of the Republic of Moldova is for more than 200 years under strong Russian influence - political, economical, cultural, linguistic etc. But up till now there is no sign of assimilation of the indigenous Romanian-speaking population. If compared with the antiquity over the last 200 years there were much more "channels" for promoting the ...


The Romanians are Romans from South of Danube


How Romans are Romanians? Very Romans. The Romanians were known in the past as: VALACHUS (By the Catholic West) FLACI(By catholic West) IFLAK (By the Turks) VLASI & VOLOH (By the Slavs) OLAH &BLACH (By the Hungarians) OLAHOK (By the Hungarians) OLASZOK (The Hungarian name for the Italians) WALACH (By the Germans) WALSCHER (The German name for the ...

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