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First, it's worth noting that while all the men wear goatees, the styles aren't identical. In particular, Abdullah's spade-shaped dyed beard is very distinctive. The style is sometimes claimed to be a traditional Bedouin style, but I haven't found any proof of this. Most photographs and illustrations of Bedouins show them sporting either short full beards ...


Well I can't possibly find hidden archives using Google but there are ancient archives. And hopefully this would be a relief to you in some way. And I'm community wiki-ing this answer as this is only a partial answer right now.


It has been divided between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Saudi Arabia and Iraq had in fact reached an agreement on partitioning the Saudi-Iraqi Neutral Zone in 1981. This was ratified as a general border treaty in 1983. This created the de factor border depicted in the above map, as dashed lines. Notice it cuts through the Neutral Zone at the centre. ...

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