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First off, yes you are wrong. Some kind of long-term record-keeping seems to be a common requirement for civilized people, so both the Maya and the Inca developed something pre-contact. I personally think its likely the Mississippians did as well, but if so it hasn't survived. The Cherokee I believe did something similar to what you are asking. Sequoya, ...


The question is a bit confusing, so I'll give two answers and hope one of them works... First, there have been a couple of instances AFTER contact that Native Americans (or, sometimes, missionaries) developed a writing system for their language that was inspired by European orthography but looks very different. This includes the writing system for Yup'ik ...


I imagine that writing slowly, therefore allowing the ink to dry, would me one means of allowing left-handers to write with wet ink.


In Soviet Union in 1970-s all schoolchildren were taught to write with their right hand, no matter whether they were right or left handed by birth. Until the 5-th grade we could only write with steel dip pen. Since the 5-th grade fountain pens were permitted. When I traveled abroad for the first time in 1990, I was very surprised to see a substantial ...


The two lefthanders in my high school class wrote with their left hand curled completely around the paper to place the left hand above and to the right of the line being written.

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