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Concerning part of the above question: Did (m)any of these relationships eventually become marriages? The National WWII Museum article "American Soldiers Arrive in Great Britain, January 26, 1942" closes with the following information: Over 60,000 British women married American servicemen and came to the United States, many children were born ...


In the late sixties. This is called "sexual revolution", and some social scientists explain it by invention of reliable and convenient contraceptives ("the Pill"). Of course, decline in religion is also an important ingredient, but this process began much earlier, I mean in Western Europe. In other parts of the world this happened later. For example in the ...


The U.K. Demographic pyramid from 2011 clearly shows a baby boom in the years 1946 to 1948, so the loss of war brides to the U.S. would seem to not have significantly affected its demographics or economy. This is as expected, as the number of females lost as war brides was muh smaller than the number of men lost as war casualties.

1 About 20k children were born, 1k of them black. The white children usually went back to America and grew up with their biological parents. The mixed children generally stayed in the UK due to miscegenation laws in many US states. Took about 5 seconds to google this

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