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I would say the american civil rights movement would represent the African Americans' struggle really well. You should talk about that in your book.


The effects on the South from the war and the military occupation afterwards were devastating and permanently debilitating. That is what Paisley was singing about. You will not get many honest answers about this because even today, 150 years later, the military occupation of the South is a taboo subject that is completely whitewashed in American history ...


Rodgers, William Ledyard, vice admiral, USN, ret. Greek and Roman Naval Warfare. A Study of Strategy, Tactics, and Ship Design from Salamis (480 BC) to Actium (31 BC) (1934, 1964) Gardiner, Robert, ed. Earliest Ships, The: The Evolution of Boats into Ships (1996) Warry, John. Warfare in the Classical World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons, Warriors ...


The paintings you are seeing are probably based on medieval or later galleys, such as those operated by Vencie, Genoa and Turkey which in some cases were manned by chained slaves. Chains would only be used in specific circumstances. In ancient times it is unlikely rowers were chained for several reasons. Firstly, metal was much more valuable in ancient ...


If you look up websites in the Spanish language you will see that there definitely were slaves from Africa in bondage within Spain.

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