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Nobody so far has pointed out the obvious: The first people to believe that slavery was evil and wrong were probably discontented slaves (as opposed to contented slaves). I would guess that nobody was as likely to notice and disapprove of his boss's unjust treatment of him as a slave would be. In ancient Rome the First Servile War was in Sicily from 135 ...


A famous example is the Spartan army whose large portion consisted of helots.


With a slightly broader definition of "slave" to include conquered peoples who were used as slave labor, we have the Osttruppen of the Wehrmacht (German Army in WWII) made up of soldiers from areas of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union overrun by the Germans. Some were volunteers either pro-Nazi or anti-Stalin or just looking for a decent meal. Others were ...


Slave Armies... Yes they did happen. These armies mostly occurred in the Middle East in Ancient History with rulers and sultans. It started in the 7th Century but really came to affect in the 9th century during the second Muslim Dynasty, The Abbasids. These Muslim Rulers in the Middle East relied on slaves to join their army because they decided that these ...

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