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A look at the list of UFO sightings from Wikipedia shows the "UFO craze" beginning in 1947. Of course there were previous sightings of "unidentified flying object"; a duck is an UFO if whoever sees it does not recognize it as a duck. But beginning in 1947, the number of reported sightings just jumped. The notion of sentient extra-terrestrial life forms, ...


A factor to consider in this aspect is how widespread the Victorian Spiritualism fad was, and just how long it lasted. The time I associate specifically with the phrase "Fairy Craze" I immediately associated it with the early 1900's when several infamous hoaxes and scams were still able to take advantage of the strong spiritualism interests. Modern ...


A high demand for alcohol provided an economic incentive to those willing to break or circumvent the laws. The only problem was somehow breaking or circumventing the laws. The wikipedia article on alcohol during and after prohibition cites portable stills as going on sale within a week after prohibition went into effect and California grape growers as ...


Basically it was an unenforceable law, and much of law enforcement saw no need to bother trying. There are several factors you have to consider here: Prohibition was never really that popular. In fact, its likely that a majority of the country was against it when it passed. Prohibition was particularly unpopular in large cities. The above factors meant ...


They probably got away with it because it was not illegal to drink alcohol. In fact, the Prohibition outlawed only the "manufacture, sale, or transportation" of alcoholic drinks. No mention of consumption, which remained substantial (~50-80% of "normal"), was made in the Prohibition amendment. After one year from the ratification of this article the ...


You have to boil water to maker beer, in Medieval times they didn't realize that boiling the water was what killed the pathogens and made the water safer to drink. So today, boiling the water is cheaper than making beer. Developing countries water is in more danger of chemical contaminates, which boiling will do nothing.


Rural workers at one point lived with the framer and ate at his table, food & lodgings being a large part of the wage. There was a shift to just money wages, and a bit class difference that farmers no longer would eat with their labourers. So originally the workers received payment in kind that included meat and later they had to buy the meat.

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