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One point that I don't think is clear from the other answers is that your ancestor did not pay a bond of £200. The £200 was not paid unless the terms of the bond were breached. Practically speaking, this meant that the £200 would only be due if there was some legal impediment to the marriage that was not disclosed, and subsequently discovered. The cost of ...


This is explained very well at the following website.,_Bonds_and_Licences_in_England_and_Wales


The Silk Road existed from about 220 BC (the establishment of the Han dynasty) to 1453 AD (the fall of Constantinople), but was active for much shorter periods of time, in two subperiods, under the Tang and Yuan dynasties. The Tang Dynasty (630-760). This is not the whole period of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), but only its zenith. During the zenith, the Tang ...


From circa 200 BCE to 1453. "The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in Chinese silk carried out along its length, beginning during the Han dynasty (207 BCE – 220 CE)." wikipedia "The Silk Road stopped serving as a shipping route for silk about 1453 with the Ottoman supremacy at Constantinople. " wikipedia


Spain's feeling was that this was another instance of meddling in "internal affairs" by the expansionist American Colossus. Yes, Spain declared war to "preserve her honor," but Spain really had no reason to hope for success. By about 1900, America had nearly four times the population and eight times the GDP of Spain. (This was a near-reversal from the ...

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