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Actually, a good modern analogy might be to look at how white mainstream America views the Black Lives Matter movement currently1: open hostility from social conservatives, and a lot of patronizing disagreement on methods from Liberals and Moderates. Where the analogy (probably?) breaks down is that there were a great many conservatives who flat out wanted ...


krishnamacharya is considered the father of modern yoga in the west. He was the teacher to bks iyengar, pattabhi jois, tkv desikachar, and indra devi. These four students came to the west to teach. Most of hatha yoga, the physical form of yoga that has become the main adopted western form of yoga, owes its lineage to krishnamacharya.


There is little doubt that until 19s century most people could communicate and socialize only with those in close proximity to them. Travel was slow, expensive and dangerous. But regular mail service was also not available to everyone in most places, most of the time. When we read in the history of mail that such and such emperor "established mail service", ...


Upper classes normally have fewer offspring than lower classes. In general, a couple will have as many children as they believe they can support in a lifestyle similar to their own. "Parents sat down and consciously tried to decide, 'How many children can we afford to put through middle school,'" Low told LiveScience. livescience Note that this ...


It looks like the answer is yes: the lower class did tend to become more genetically similar to the upper class. Azar Gat in "So Why Do People Fight? Evolutionary Theory and the Causes of War" explains: Some light is shed on the question by a remarkable study recently conducted on the Y (male) chromosome in Central and Eastern Asia, which ...


I believe it came about before advanced human civilization. The waving of a hand is to get somebody's attention in the most effective and conservative way possible. Waving a hand can attract one's attention but at the same time is not overly conspicuous. This could have helped early civilizations when hunting or during warfare. Jonah Amedeo

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