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The number of great scientists in a country strongly correlates with periods of vigorous economic development of the nation. Examples: England since 17th century and later. Netherlands in 17th century. France in 18th and early 19th centuries. Japan and US in 20th century. Germany unified (and thus became a nation) in the second part of 19th century and a ...


Note: much of this is source from the German Wikipedia, which doesn't have English equivalents for some of the quoted articles. This can be traced even further back to the late 18th and throughout the 19th century, when the German nations (there wasn't a single one yet) considered itself das Land der Dichter und Denker, as literary historian Wolfgang Menzel ...


The Act of Supremacy occurred in 1534. The first time ANY part of the Mass was said in English was in 1548, but I'm darned right now if I recall which part! I think it was the General Confession actually. The Book of Common Prayer was not used until 1549.

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