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The three Greek philosophers were: Carneades ex Academia (Cyrene 214/3–129/8 BC), Critolaus Peripateticus (Phaselis c.200-c.118 BC) and Diogenes Stoicus (Seleucia c.230 – c. 150/140 BC). Some sources are listed in Wiki: Plutarch, Cato Maj. 22; Aulus Gellius, VII. 14; Macrobius Saturnalia i. 5; Cicero, de Orat. ii. 37, 38.


I know the question is asking about whether original 2100 year old bamboo versions of Sima Qian's Records of the Grand Historian exist or not. I liked @samuel-russell 's response about source material being tough for just a few decades. I'd like to note that there are copies of Sima Qian's work available online on the internet in Chinese. And there are also ...

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