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People from what is modern day Indonesia were visiting northern Australia to collect and process trepang (sea-cucumber or sea slug) for centuries before European settlement. These people are generally referred to as Macassan (or Makassan). The first European to circumnavigate Australia, Matthew Flinders, encountered Macassans processing trepang. ...


The Pakistani General Election of 1970 (delayed in East Pakistan/Bangladesh until Jan 1971 due to flooding) resulted in no seats for the Bangladesh Awami League in West Pakistan. The polarised geographic concentration of party influence (BAL in the East, PPP in the West) lead to the Bangladesh Liberation War.


20 Baluch with some tanks had secured the area immediately around the cantonment in the morning. This is the 26th of March during Operation Searchlight, the start of the war. As I suspected, they had tanks and used them from the beginning.


Perhaps the best way to think of this question is to recognize that there are roughly three ways to think about right/legitimacy, which correspond to the angle of one's approach: the state, domestic stakeholders, and the international community. Each of these are considered below. We should also recognize the difference between a "claim" to legitimacy, and ...


If I want to occupy space in a major city I have three choices. Build a new skyscraper (possibly by proxy in the sense that I occupy space in a skyscraper built by someone else who was prepared to erect the building only because he anticipated my and others' demand for it). Occupy existing space in low-rise structures. Build new low-rise structures on ...

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