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@KennyLJ's answer relies on the highly respected data series put together by Angus Maddison. Maddison's statistics post-independence are probably derived from official statistics (which begun in 1960, a year after Singapore achieved self-governance). So I think KennyLJ's answer more than qualifies for the bounty. The following is just for context. Both ...


Just to correct a couple of mistakes: (1) East Asia doesn't represent 60% of the world's population, more like 20%... (2) It's the East Asia where most skyscrapers are located... OR MORE PRECISELY, ONLY ONE COUNTRY ON PLANET EARTH MATTERED: CHINA. THERE'RE 7,000+ BUILDINGS IN CHINA THAT ARE TALLER THAN 100 METERS, TWICE AS MUCH AS THE REST OF WORLD ...

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