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The narrative states that Enterprise was off the coast of Viet Nam on Dec 10, 1971. The way I recall the situation, Enterprise was in the area of Hong Kong and it was more like Dec 20 or close there about. I was on one of the other ships in the task force and we were off the coast of Viet Nam. We were transferring our cargo to other ships because we were ...


In 1942, the western Allies were not nearly as concerned about an eventual Soviet victory as they were about an imminent Soviet collapse that would have left North America, South America and the British Isles alone against the Axis. They were too weak help the Soviet Union directly with an attack in western Europe, but what they did do was helpful all the ...


The Japs got their asses handed to them at Kalkin Gol in 1939. They had no defense against Russian armored warfare. Also, Hitler had made alliance with Stalin in 1939. Also, the Japs were completely distracted by fighting the Chinese.

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