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its scarey 2 think if hitler did not attack USSR and continued to join forces with ussr,japan and Italy and all 4 attack Britain and US, I THINK HITLER And stalin WOULD HAVE WON together and conqured the world scarey thought


Stalin was an ideologue, but not a very rigid one, and he was not an idiot. He supported Israel because it was a thorn in the side of the British Empire (and its Arab relationships), not because the Zionist were left wing. After all, left wing or right wing, anyone who did not toe the Moscow's line precisely was an enemy. Stalin knew full well that people ...


In one of the most stunning examples of misplaced over-optimism in history, Hitler blithely assumed the British were a broken force, unable to do him any meaningful harm from where he had them pent up in their little island. Remember, perhaps the singular most important pillar of Hitler’s ideology was the “drive to the East” to obtain “living space” ...


The direct reason for Germany to attack Soviet Union was Soviet advanced preparations to invade ('liberate') central and western Europe. The Soviet Union had the most powerful army in the world at that time and began to concentrate the troops along the new soviet -German border. Effectively Germans stopped Stalin plan to establish communist rule in Europe. ...

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