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Not much people. Although Alfonso XIII did support the actions of Franco (probably because he though that he will remove the republicans and give him back the throne), Franco was not really a supporter of the idea of monarchy (in fact some conservative people used to say that the only defect of Franco was that he was a republican). Also, note that in the ...


Franco did not think that you couldn't be a Catholic and a bloodthirsty Fascist dictator at the same time, because he was. Franco wouldn't have been able to win the war against the Spanish Republic without Hitler's help. In turn, Franco supplied Hitler with materiel before and during world war two, and was only prevented from joining the war on Hitler's ...


I found many citations (e.g., here) for this quote to Réforme, which is a French, Protestant weekly, not a Spanish newspaper. Being Protestant, it's hardly a credible source for the extraordinary claim that Hitler is a "son of the Catholic Church" who "died while defending Christianity." The quote is obviously spurious.

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