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Edit: I think I have to revise quite a bit. One thing is that the Peloponnesian Wars went through various stages which themselves got different titles (Ionian, Corinthian, etc). As a result the poster on Yahoo Answers may be quite right. In the Ionian War, which crushed Athens, the Persians provided the gold for the Spartan Fleet. In the Corinthian War, ...


I think they left some ideas that still resinate in western culture. The word "spartan" means "marked by strict self-discipline or self-denial" or "marked by simplicity, frugality, or avoidance of luxury and comfort" definition The word "laconic" "using few words in speech or writing" [definition] Most significantly, I've read that Plato was greatly ...


Spartans gave canonical examples (for Western culture) of what is called "noble behavior", and heroism.


Sparta could actually be called the birthplace of democracy. Tho Sparta had a small voting population by today's standards (probably around ~3%), it was transformative for the time. Democracy was even suggested by at least some of the population. A story I've read was that a man once argued that Sparta (circa 850BC before they created the Apella) should ...

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