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The reason goes back to Queen Margrethe I of Denmark. (She is to the current queen, Margrethe II, what Elizabeth I of England was to Elizabeth II). Margrethe was the Queen Consort of King Haakon of Norway-Sweden with whom she had a son, Olaf. She was also the daughter of King Valdemar of Denmark. The succession plan was to have the son take over both ...


French used to have a status as working language for international institutions, somewhat like English today (or Latin in the past for Catholic Europe). This was the case around the time of the founding of Chalmers University of Technology (1829). It is not surprising if some universities during that time used a French motto. Today there are also ...


Tom Au's answer above is mostly correct with regards to Norway; Albrecht actually had a formally stronger claim to the Norwegian throne, but was set aside since Margrete was so effective. As for Sweden, Albrecht had been king there since 1364, and Margrete only really came to power in Norway and Denmark in her own name in 1387/1388 (she had been regent for ...


Avancez! was the personal motto of William Chalmers, a member of the Swedish East India Company, who left about half of his personal wealth to supply for a school which eventually became the current university (the other half went to Sahlgrenska sjukhuset, a hospital founded by one of his colleagues). The school has copied his motto.


Sweden was already trading with Nazi Germany. No need for Hitler to conquer it.

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