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Historically, Syria and Assyria are the same. “Syria” is a Greek version of “Assyria”. In ancient times “Syria” designated the whole of the Assyrian empire. The Christians in Iraq call themselves Suryāyē “Syrians”. The modern country of Syria got its name in the period of French rule.


Syria is contiguous with Mesopotamia. The area to the south of Syria but east of Palestina and the five kingdoms (Israel, Judah, Ammon, Moab, Edom) is Arabia. In ancient times the eastern desert was sometimes generally called Ammon.


Wikipedia seems to be saying that that entire area up to the Euphrates is considered part of Syria (or "Greater Syria" if you prefer). You are correct that the English name for this particular desert (and only that desert), is "The Syrian Desert". Historically anywhere that is mostly uninhabited is going to have fairly vague political boundaries. If there's ...

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