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Fundamentally, the core purpose of silk is to be be made into clothing (or later, writing material, and perhaps bedding). In this sense, what is probably the earliest silk remains, dating to about 2700 B.C., were excavated from the Qianshanyang Historical Site (錢山漾遺址) in modern Wuxing, Zheijang. At least some of those silk would have been made to be worn. ...


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braille , in its various language formats, is a binary human-optimised code. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_writing , Braille's precursor, also fits your description request. Both codes are fixed-length, and therefore do not suffer from the problem as quoted in the question.


The wikipedia article on ARPANET explains the earliest architecture. Communication was over leased telephone lines using acoustic modems. Each node was run by a small, specialized computer that did routing. Communication between the routers and the local computers was through a serial port. To read the packets off the serial port, the local machine would ...


Sabres were widely used in WWII, although I would not call them swords. By Russia By Germany By Italy By Poland


Since British soldier Jack Churchill was still using a sword in WW2 (and getting the latest yet confirmed kill with a bow, also in WW2), this might just be the most recent major war where these were used.

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