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In the old days (meaning pre-Tudor times) the land of Britain was divided into parts each assigned to a man bound to the king by oaths of fealty and often blood ties in one way or another. Such men were responsible for supplying the king with soldiers, if need be, and themselves serving as knights. These men were generally known by the name of the land to ...


A few things to note regarding this - 1. Official stand was that the state will lapse to independence but Mountbatten told almost every ruler that independence is impossible. 2. Reading's letter to the Nizam of Hyderabad clearly stated that Hyderabad is a subsidary of British Empire and not an independent state/state in alliance. While the British ...


No. Read up on WIlliam Wilberforce and Pitt the younger. Quakers and anti-abolitionist forces in the UK made noble and exhaustive efforts to end slavery, but the political coalition simply wasn't there. If it had been possible to end slavery earlier, Wilberforce would have done so.

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