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Treatment of snipers varied by country and time. The Germans and British both mixed solo snipers and snipers in squads (both dedicated and mixed). American snipers were poorly trained due to their quick deployment times and a lack of camouflage instruction. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sniper#World_War_II


First of all, swords are made from steel and casting steel is an advanced technology not available in the 17th century. Swords and all other steel tools are forged, which means that the steel ingot is hammered into shape. The rapier was original to Toledo and at one time that city exported swords to all parts of Europe. Later, of course, their work was ...


Since times immemorial, most all types of swords were made by forging rather than casting. Casting a sword is visually appealing, which is why you see that in the movies, but was not used in practice for multiple reasons, foremost of which were metallurgical concerns. Casting steel requires significantly higher temperatures than forging (~1400°C vs. ...


I'm not sure about the Isle of White, but for the River Mersey refer to... http://www.lyricsfreak.com/s/stanley+holloway/runcorn+ferry_20307672.html

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