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Putting together an answer based on comments from several users, before this gets closed. Hoping it might be useful as quick reference of future readers. He was on the USS Augusta, which was occassionally used for transporting the President (both Roosevelt and Truman) during WW II. He was returning from the Postdam conference, which ended in August 2 in ...


In 1968, the Fire Research and Safety Act was passed, forming the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control. President Lyndon B. Johnson advocated for this legislation in his special message to congress "To Protect the American Consumer" in 1967. I now call upon the 90th Congress, in Theodore Roosevelt's words, to carry forward unflinchingly in ...


The simple answer: they did not. I personally know many Soviet refugees. The only cases when they had to undergo any security screening were the cases when they applied for sensitive jobs, like in CIA or NSA.


The answer is several fold: 1) Most investigation was done after the fact. 2) It was never expected not to miss some agents in the background check drag nets if you will. 3) The possible strategic information gain from defectors is greater than letting some agents through. Given security at intelligence agencies, the aforementioned agents wouldn't be able ...


William Strauss and Neil Howe's (S&H) hyothesize in "Generations," that "compromise" type generations are born just before, and grow up during a major American War (e.g. the Revolution or World War II). They enjoy a prosperous childhood as a result of that war, and come to national leadership following a "secondary" war (e.g. the War of 1812 or the ...


Google N-Grams are very pretty look at but they work best only for large-scale trends (i.e. "vampire" "werewolf" "zombie" "mummy" "Frankenstein" is interesting), and even then, they are somewhat flawed. There are two reasons that I'd be inclined to distrust the graph: Google does not make available the data on the corpus that the N-Grams are searching. ...


I found an old Chicago Tribune newspaper from 1942 where they interviewed my father as valedictorian of his high school. It states that he intended to enlist in the "NEW NAVY V5 PROGRAM" which provides flight training for high school graduates

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